Vampire Knight, Vol. 6 Review

This week, we have a guest review by KanjiGirl. Check out her awesome blog! We’ll hopefully be seeing more from her in the future. If you’re interested in doing guest reviews for ItsumoManga, let me know, and we’ll get you set up. ^.^

Author: Matsuri Hino
Release Date: March 2009
Genre: Shojo, Vampires, Romance
Publisher: Viz Media

To start off, I’d like to say that Vampire Knight is unlike any Shojo Manga I’ve ever read. In fact, the first time I saw it on my local bookstore shelves, I wasn’t really interested and didn’t even think about buying a copy. However, after reading a feature article all about it in Shojo Beat I thought twice about skipping Vampire Knight. With a renewed interest, I decided once and for all to head to the bookstore and snap up the first few volumes of the title. Fast forward a few months and now I’m hooked to the series! It’s got a lot of things I love about a shojo manga series, great characters, romance, and page-turning suspense.

There are three main characters in Vampire Knight. Yuki Cross is a strong, yet sometimes naive girl who somehow always gets herself wounded and bleeding, which unfortunatly tends to agitate the vampires around her. Kaname Kuran is a pure-blood vampire, who saved Yuki from a vampire attack 10 years before the start of the story. Zero Kiryu, my favorite character in the series, is a guy with deep hatred towards vampires… with good reason.

It’s not all lovey-dovey vampire-human romance like I used to think it was. There are many layers in this series. Each character has an equally interesting and compelling history which really pulls you into the story. With each chapter, a little bit of the mystery is chipped off. However, the story never becomes predictable.

In volume 6, the focus is shifted from Zero to Yuki. Kaname gets paired up with another pure-blood vampire which makes Yuki jealous. Yet, she understands that because of her status, she could never be with Kaname even if she gets turned into a vampire herself. When she sees the two of them together she gets into trouble and I’ll let you find out just what happens afterwards. It’s a bit juicy, if you get my drift.

Moving on, it was revealed in Volume 1 that Yuki doesn’t remember anything prior to the day she was attacked by a vampire when she was just a little kid. In volume 6, she and Zero start a search for her missing childhood. Although the truth about Yuki’s parents’ death are not fully revealed, a little light is shed on Headmaster Cross, her foster father who took her in after that fateful vampire attack 10 years ago.

On another note, the Night Class go on their school break and head to Hanabusa’s home. There’s a part about the history of Kaname and Hanabusa’s friendship, which is really refreshing and sheds new light on Hanabusa’s personality. Unlike most friendships, they didn’t hit it off right away, and We learn more about his loyalty towards Kaname.

My final verdict for this series and this volume specifically is a resounding “awesome”! If you like vampire and occult stories then you’re sure to enjoy Vampire Knight. Even if you don’t, I still suggest you get the first volume and see… who knows, you might get hooked just like me!


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