Manga Take-Out

Manga Takeout is a branch off of Anime Takeout. Similar to Netflix, you rent manga by mail. You can have two books out ($25.95/mo) or four ($41.95/mo) at a time. The service is great for those who are low on money but prefer to keep their manga reading legal, or simply prefer holding a book in their hands.

A while back, I joined Manga Takeout. I used the 2-out plan for three months. Here’s a brief documentation of my experience:

May 27 – Joined, filled queue with about 30 titles
June 10 – Received two books (2)
June 11 – Mailed books back
June 23 – Received two books (4)
June 24 – Mailed books back
July 10 – Received two books (6)
July 11 – Mailed books back
July  27 – Received two books (8)
July 30 – Mailed books back
August  8 – Received two books (10)
August 10 – Mailed books back
August 23 – Received two books (12)
August 24 – Mailed books back and cancelled membership

Money spent – $25.95 x 3 = $77.85
Per volume – $77.85 / 12 =  $6.49

It should be noted that I live in Tennessee, and Manga Takeout ships from California. I used the quick-ship function each time, meaning that they took my word that I  had mailed my books back and sent me my next shipment. I spent $6.49 for each volume I read, so I only save a couple of dollars on each one.

Perhaps if you live closer, shipments are quicker. And if you have four out at a time, you would spend $5.24 a volume, with similar shipping times. However, if you live as far away from the shipping center as I do, I suggest you just look for bargain buys on your manga. It’ll be about the same.


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