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A Little Stormy on the Seven Seas

A short post for today. It may not sound like much, but it may affect some of your manga purchases if you shop only at physical stores rather than online.

Seven Seas Manga (publishers of Afro Samurai, Hayate X Blade, Inukami!, etc.) is having a few relationship issues with one of their distributors, Diamond. Diamond has recently instituted new shipping minimums, which Seven Seas simply can’t always meet. Diamond will still ship some of the high-profile titles through May, but besides that, Seven Seas will be gradually cutting their ties with them. They have other distributors and retailers, so hopefully there won’t be too huge of an impact.

I personally support Seven Seas’ decision to cut ties. Having worked closely with my boss when I worked in a local retail shop, I’ve seen how these things can affect companies. If we ordered from a distributor and not directly from the company, we would sometimes have to wait until a great product had been out for a few months so that we could placeĀ  a big order. Shipping minimums affect both the company making the product and the small retail stores buying the product. I understand that in this economy, sacrifices must be made, but it’s really a shame to see this happening.


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Misc. Manga Releases: March

Aurora Publishing
Queen of Ragtonia, Vol. 1 | Chika Shiomi (New Series!)

Dark Horse Comics
Berserk, Vol. 28 | Kentaro Miura
Blood+, Vol. 4 | Ryo Ikehata, Chizu Hashii
MPD-Psycho, Vol. 8 | Eiji Otsuka, Shoju Tajima

Go! Comi
07-Ghost, Vol. 2 | Yuki Akemiya, Yukino Ichihara
A-I Revolution, Vol. 5 | Yuu Asami (Last Volume!)
Ultimate Venus, Vol. 4 | Takako Shigematsu

Seven Seas
Inukami, Vol. 2 | Mamizu Arisawa, Mari Matsuzawa

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Seven Seas Releases: February

Afro Samurai, Vol. 2 | Takashi Okazaki
Arkham Woods (Stand Alone) | Jhomar Soriano
Hayate X Blade, Vol. 2 | Shizuru Hayashiya
He Is My Master, Vol. 5 | Mattsu, Asu Tsubaki (Possibly Last Volume?)

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